Chirp is a cloud-based smart access control system built specifically for multifamily and student housing. As RealPage’s proprietary access control solution, Chirp is value engineered to lower the cost of installation and to eliminate additional recurring costs assessed by third-party access control systems, making Chirp ideal for both retrofits and new developments. Chirp’s proprietary QR-enabled Smart Signs provides an innovative and low-cost vendor access solution that also enables app-less self-guided tours sure to wow your prospects. Chirp’s technology-rich door readers turns your resident’s mobile device into the only key they need, eliminating the need to issue conventional keys and fobs.

Chirp is a RealPage product and requires no additional recurring fees.


  • Tap to unlock Chirp doors (NFC unlocks with your phone)
  • Chirp Smart Sign Supported (app-less experience for guests and vendors)
  • App-less Self-Guided Tour available
  • Competitively priced to lower the CapEx
  • No additional third-party recurring charges to lower the OpEx
  • Integrated into the Smart Building Portal to provide a one-stop shop for management to access logs, change rules and provide remote unlocks and guest passes
  • Assign fobs or mobile access one time: Staff and Resident fobs made through STRATIS work on unit locks and Chirp doors.