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Smart apartments don’t have to be scary

STRATIS is the operating system behind RealPage Smart Building that enables it to be a one stop shop for community wide smart access to buildings and units, smart devices, and ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the property. Each of these offerings is available standalone or in combination with the others as part of a fully managed RealPage solution set.

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Intelligent Building Solutions.

The only Sidewalk to Sofa™️ intelligent building solutions.

  1. Smart Apartments

    RealPage Smart Building bridges the gap between multiple third-party smart devices into a single resident and property staff access point. Our agnostic platform has the ability to integrate different devices and systems which were otherwise unmanaged and/or cumbersome to use. Working together, smart devices for utility and access control along with property-wide Wi-Fi can be used by residents as they see fit and by property staff to manage vacant units resulting in significant energy cost savings.

  2. Smart Access

    Empower residents to have property-wide access of choice via their mobile devices which allows them to move freely, from Sidewalk to Sofa™. Residents also have the authorization to grant seamless access for guests and deliveries, allowing visitors to securely only open certain doors and providing digital wayfinding so that destinations are reached effortlessly.

  3. Smart Wi-Fi

    Purpose-built for multifamily, Smart Building offers managed Wi-Fi powered by Whitesky. It’s the industry’s only cost-effective alternative to traditional carriers and Internet Service Providers that is appropriate for the dense residential use of multifamily living. Residents enjoy lightning-fast, secure personal internet, and property asset managers can add devices to their existing network at their discretion with no additional infrastructure cost.

Smart Building Suite

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Reimagine Resident and Property Management’s experience with the STRATIS app for Residents and the Smart Building Portal for Property Staff and Management.

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Smart Apartments

Whether it’s a new build, or a retrofit at a pre-existing property, integration with STRATIS allows your Residents to control the smart devices and Resident services in the building remotely, through one dashboard.