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Over the next five years, the TecHome will grow substantially. Over the next ten, it very well could be commonplace to own a connected home. But what will happen this year alone to change the industry?

The answer, it seems, is quite a lot. We spoke with industry experts to see what will be the biggest trends emerging this year to further boost the TecHome as the true home of the future.

Tech Will Expand to New Markets

According to Felicite Moorman, CEO of BULogics, Inc. and STRATIS EMS, Llc., 2016 will see decades of efforts begin to produce reasonable returns on investment for more businesses embracing and investing in home automation Internet of Things (IoT) than ever before.

“This will lead to adoption by new channels like multifamily and student housing,” says Moorman.

The expansion to multifamily and also the mid-market means a wider range of possibilities for people looking to own a connected home. It will also allow developers and high-volume builders to include more tech in their projects.

The Pros and Cons of Home Automation

Moorman also notes that 2016 will see a huge spike in the rise of connected devices focused on home automation. There will be new protocols and standards for home automation, yet there will also be an increase in unique devices hitting the market.

This could possibly cause a collapse due to consumer misunderstanding.

“[This rise] will unfortunately continue to create confusion as to interoperability and functionality, likely leading to inaction in both enterprise and consumer,” says Moorman.

However, these confusions could benefit the industry. In response to consumer inaction, 2016 will see more meaningful strategic partnerships in home automation, as manufacturers, service providers and platform providers lean into closed ecosystems as the answer.

“The increase of consumer confusion will lead to an increase in opportunity for trusted advisors and experts offering guidance to enterprise and consumers alike,” says Moorman.

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Other Trends

Aside from home automation, what other trends will emerge in 2016?

Dan Moniz, technology specialist for CRG Companies, sees energy efficient tech and power management systems growing as they become more available to the masses and the mid-market.

“At the basic level, consumers are now familiar with products like the Nest Learning Thermostat. They’re seeking additional products that are intuitive and allow for increased control via scheduling functions and remote access that they can program and control themselves,” says Moniz.

Additionally, Moniz sees a growing relationship that will begin to form between technology and design.

“We anticipate seeing more TVs that appear at the touch of a button from the wall or within a cabinet; speakers installed in the wall or ceiling that are covered by the finished surface; and wireless charging stations in counters and furniture,” says Moniz. “Equipment will be hidden away and accessed through a touchscreen or smart phone from any point in the house.”

New Openings for Builders

It’s clear that the TecHome market is gearing up for growth in the coming year. While a flood of products may be overwhelming at first, it will eventually help to settle and shape the industry.

Production builders will benefit greatly from this shift, especially as tech partnerships evolve and the mindset of DIY dwindles. Consumers and clients will begin to really understand that in order to have a fully-functioning, efficient and integrated home, experts are needed.

Thus, the future is promising for builders, integrators, manufacturers and consumers alike.

In other words, the entire TecHome ecosystem is growing greener every single day.